Friday, November 9, 2007

Frank Llyod Wright - Bartlesville, OK

On a recent business trip to Bartlesville, OK I came across this gorgeous building called Price Tower. It was built by Frank Lloyd Wright and opened in 1956. I love Wright's architure and was amazed that I would find one of his buildings out in the middle of nowhere Bartlesville. It's the only skyscraper built by Wright. The original plans were for it to be built in Manhattan, but the depression hit and plans were scrapped. Harold C. Price came along in the 50's and comissioned Wright to build him an office building. The plans were given new life and in 1956 Price Tower was opened. Wright nicknamed it, "the tree that escaped the crowded forest" and plucked his "tree" out of the "crowded forest" of Manhattan skyscrapers and placed it on the Oklahoma prairie.