Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Birthday – A Little Late

IMG_2405 IMG_2403 IMG_2404

Well, the birthday wasn’t late;  I’m just late posting about it.

I can’t believe I didn’t get  pics from the party (except the cake)!  DER!  My dear friend Jeanette was totally awesome!  She sent out the invites, and  made my cake (seriously the yummiest cake and icing ever)! 

The pic above is of my awesome friend Ginny and her husband Drew.  I’ve known Ginny for forever!  Well, since Junior High anyway!  Ginny was planning on being at the party, but her boss had other plans so she and Drew took me out for lunch at the new 59 Diner that’s in the old Bennigan’s.  If you haven’t been, I suggest trying it.  We had breakfast and it was good!

The party was awesome.  I borrowed a projector from work, hooked my DVD player and computer speakers up to it and watched Mama Mia “widescreen” style while eating pizza.  Afterwards we dug into J’s gorgeous cake and made pigs of ourselves.  Oh wait, that was just me!  :)

Thank you everyone for the gift of friendship you give me every day (and for the gifts you brought)!

Downtown Tea Party

I’ve been a bit reluctant to post my pics from the Tea Party I attended on the 15th.  I uploaded a handful of them to my Facebook account and got hammered by a friend.  For years we haven’t seen eye to eye politically, but I thought they were tolerant enough to allow me my beliefs without calling me a hypocrite.  Guess I was wrong!

Anyway, whichever way your political pendulum swings, here are a few pics for your enjoyment and or ridicule.