Friday, October 19, 2007

Cool new (to me) author - Stephenie Meyer

In case anyone might be looking for a new author to read, try Stephenie Meyer. I came across an article about her while I was surfing the net at work last week (at lunchtime of course!!). I think what really caught my attention was when the interviewer asked her how a Mormon writes about vampires. That got my attention real quick! So I looked her up on the web and found that she's written a vampire trilogy written for young adults - Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I got the books yesterday and I'm about a third of the way through Twilight and I'm loving it. I won't say anymore and leave it to you to judge. Over on the right side of the page I've put a link to Stephenie's website so you can go and see for yourself. When you get to her site, click on Twilight Series.

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Anonymous said...

dallas you are going to love the books...i have read all three and they are amazing...have fun