Tuesday, October 21, 2008

UPDATED - Early Voting

So, I thought I'd do my civic duty today during lunch and go vote. Great idea in theory. Bad idea when I showed up. There were at least 40 people standing outside the building waiting to go in.

I only had an hour so I saved my early voting for later and had lunch instead!

I'll stop by on the way home and see how things look.

For anyone interested, the Early Voting station is the Sheriff's office on Franz Rd. (link to map below).

Katy Early Voting station

Update: Who knew that Early Voting meant they closed the polling station early?!? I show up after work only to be told, "Sorry ma'am, we closed at 4:30." GRRRRR!!!

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Jason and Lissa said...

I think they stay open until 7 PM starting next week. That's what Jason and I are going to do next Monday for FHE. :-D