Monday, September 8, 2008

Off to Oklahoma

I still can't seem to get anything out of my brain and into my blog, but I'll be away on business this week with several nights on my own and plenty of time to blog. Maybe I'll be able to dislodge some posts (I don't count weather updates as real posts).

I'm taking my camera on the off chance that Ponca City, OK has some pretty landscape.

I'm scheduled to return home Friday morning. Just in time for Ike??


Melissa said...

Hey girl, I hope you have a great week in OK. It was great to kind of see you on Saturday for like a second and we were even sitting at the same table. Your blog/you crack me up. You always have had a way of making people smile. Talk to you later!

Jen said...

I used to live in Ponka City! I was 5, and don't remember much, but there's some great people I knew from Ponka! Have fun!