Friday, March 6, 2009

Does This Mean I Get To Stay?

I came home yesterday to find this sitting on my doorstep. Well, it was in a box, but this is what was inside. Next month marks the 5th anniversary of my working for ConocoPhillips. I've actually worked for them for 6 years, but the first year I was contract.

In recognition of this the company has a brochure of items you can get as an anniversary gift. There was a whole ranged of things from rings, watches, wall mounted clocks, cheesy digital cameras, etc. ... this!!! That's right boys and girls, I chose the 3 in 1 Black & Decker Cordless Drill! It comes with a stud finder, so I should be able to find a husband pretty soon!!

MMMMMMMM! Power tools!
The company is smack in the middle of layoffs, so hopefully the fact that they bothered to send me my certificate of recognition means they plan on keeping me around. Fingers crossed!


Jacob & Tia said...

I would like to have one of those. Although I already have my stud!

Heather said...

Your stud finder comment totally made me crack up - for real. You are so funny and I'm with you, I hope that means you get to stick around for a while.

Laurel Ann said...

Hey, my sister works for Phillips too, but in Bothell, WA!

Small world. Congratualtions on your 5 year anniverary. Hope for 5 more for you, oh and that the stud finder works.


sturpin said...

I'd like to see you using that stud finder. Do you walk around wal-mart? the mall? local stake center? What would you do if it went off? sorry - visions of a warped mind
Congrats on 5 years - wonderful

Jeanette said...

Stud finder-ROFL! I saw your FB update. Congrats on dodging the lay-off ball.

Bobby the O! said...

i just want you to know dallas, that exact drill is what heather used to find me! there is hope yet!! well, i guess if she did this lousy finding a stud with it, you may just want to go ahead and get rid of it! but here's to company appreciation!

Anonymous said...

"Stud finder" -- literally made my day :) Wouldn't one of those be super handy?