Thursday, March 19, 2009

{{UPDATE}} - Does This Mean I Get To Stay?

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but never got around to publishing.

Well, yesterday was the day we found out who was getting laid off in our department. Not that we went home Friday knowing that Monday morning some of us wouldn't have a job....THANKFULLY!! That would have been a crappy weekend.

All in all we lost 6 technicians, a supervisor and my bosses boss (that was a huge shocker!!) Last month our CEO told us that the company would be laying off 4% of it's workforce, but it didn't mean that each dept would lose that percent. Some departments did 4%, some didn't have to do any; my department lost 20%.

In Houston we have a huge Main Complex and two satellite offices. The majority of the techs work at the main complex and they got hit the hardest with 4 techs being laid off. The two satellite sites (one of which I work at) lost a technician each so now we're down to just two at each location. At my site we'll be OK, but the other site is probably going to feel the pinch.

Since the layoff announcement was made last month I never felt like my job was on the chopping block, but when Monday afternoon rolled around and it was announced that all the cuts had been made (my dept) it was like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was tough to watch my friends get walked out of the building. Two of the people let go over at the complex are really good friends of mine and it feels weird that I can't just call them up and meet for lunch on a Friday.

I'm so thankful I still have my job!


Jason and Lissa said...

Glad your job is safe! Must be your sparkling personality--they just couldn't bear to part with you! :)

Laurel Ann said...

Glad to hear you are safe. I feel for your friends. Not only is it a shock to be laid off, but to be escorted out of the building! Why treat them like criminals? It seems so cold. I understand the security risk of retaliation, but it seems the final insult. Your fired, and were're kicking you out now.