Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dreams or Reality?

Have you ever had a dream that stays with you? One that becomes a companion to you through the day as you chew on it's meaning? I dream a lot and sometimes they leave impressions on my mind long after the alarm clock has gone off. I remember a dream I had when I was in high school and to this day, when I think of this dream, I still feel the same emotions. It was an awesome dream! This morning I had a dental appointment at 9 so I decided that instead of going to work, being there for 30 minutes and then having to leave for the appointment, I would just sleep in a little and go directly from the house. So here I was this morning getting to sleep until my body wakes up, instead of having it jolted awake by the alarm clock. The dream is one that I've had before; not scene for scene, but the same ideas. In fact, as I get older and older the dream progresses. I dream that I'm pregnant and through the years I've progressed from dreams of finding out I'm pregnant, being "big with child" and to finally, this morning, giving birth. That's right, this morning I gave birth to a little boy named Jonathan. There's more to the dream but the birth itself is what my mind keeps going back to. I've read books about dreams and I've talked to people about them and one thing they all pretty much agree on is that pregnancy is the conception of an idea; there's something new in your life that's just beginning. Birth would be these ideas and beginnings coming to fruition. With that in mind, I've been trying to figure out how it all applies to me. Is my subconscience trying to tell me something? Are certain things in my life that I've been working on for years about to bring forth fruit? Or could it all be explained away by the fact that I've been reading friends blogs about their babies and that my new calling as a nursery leader has my subconscience working overtime?!? Maybe a combination of both. Of course, dreams can be literal and I could give birth soon, but from what I remember from sex ed, I would need a person of the male persuasion to help out and no one has jumped up to fill that vacancy (much to my mother's dismay). So I'm back to something in my life coming to fruition. I'm working on several personal items in my life so maybe I'll start seeing progress in those areas. Heck, maybe after a slow start, I'm on the way to actually losing weight and giving birth to a new thinner me. I'll let you know if anything notable happens or if it turns out to be nothing more than just that, a dream.

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Kathie said...

A couple weeks back I taught my students about dreams - what they mean if they mean anything. Sure wish I had had that dream as an example - is perfect. Freud (if you believe him) would tell you are on the right track with the giving birth to a new idea, you, etc. Modern day theorist say it has more to do with what is happening in your life - your other theory. Me personally I think that dreams are dreams and that very few have much to do with reality. I wouldn't mind seeing you finding someone of the male persuasion and making a baby! :) That sounds great to me - little Dallas's wondering around what could be better. Lo ya.