Monday, February 25, 2008

Should I be at work today??

Ever had one of those days where getting out of bed wasn't the wisest choice? I had another night of not being able to get to sleep until after 1am, so needless to say, 5:45 rolled around awful fast. As a side note, I was able to watch all 4 1/2 hours of Wives and Daughters!! I haven't watched it in a few months and I absolutely love it! So anyway, I hit the snooze until 6:30 and even though I didn't get out of the house until a few minutes after 7, was still able to get to work on time thanks to no school. So I pull into the parking garage, find my favorite parking spot, put it in park, finish listening to Roula & Ryan talk about who knows what, turn the car off and get my stuff together to go to my office. But wait, somethings missing. CONFOUND IT!! I've managed to leave my laptop at home. So I stand there for a second thinking about what I should do and decide to go up to my office and wait a bit for traffic to die down and then make a little quick trip home. So at about 9 I leave, make a non-routine stop at McD's for a little breakfast and make my way home to pick up my laptop. Mission accomplished, it's in the car and I'm on my way back to the office. Again, I pull into the garage, my favorite spot is still open (SCORE!!), nothing on the radio to finish listening to and make my way to the garage elevator. But wait, somethings missing!! I still didn't have my laptop; I had left it in the car. My writing this blog is testament that I was finally able to get my laptop to my office, get it turned on and now at least look like I'm working!! Lets hope the rest of the day is a bit more even-keeled.

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