Sunday, February 24, 2008

Little green men in my storage unit

Since moving in with my friend, Arlene, I have been storing my furniture and personal belongings in a storage unit. While setting up the contract and payment methods, I decided to insure that no natural disasters or such would happen to my unit and bought the insurance they offered. And true enough, nothing has happened. I thoroughly believe that had I not bought this insurance, Highway 6 and Keith Harrow would have had a freak tornado set down right on top of my unit, staying only long enough to completely destroy my belongings, those of the other units without insurance and then, quickly lifting and disappearing.

A few weeks ago I received a letter informing me that they had changed insurance companies and sent along the paperwork letting me know what all this company's insurance covered. Standard normal legal mumbo-jumbo but something caught my eye. I was reading what they say are the "Perils Insured Against." It's a listing of what would mostly be considered natural disasters, but also includes such things as "Strikes, Riot or Civil Commotion," "Burglary" or "Collapse of [the] building...other than by earthquake." What caught my eye though was line (f) which reads, "Aircraft, Self-propelled Missiles or Spacecraft." That's right, my storage unit is insured against little green men trying to appropriate my belongings, taking them back to their Mother Ship and then on to parts unknown.

Truthfully, I am actually grateful that spacecraft are covered. You may choose to laugh at me and/or call me a lier, but I have, in my almost 35 years, seen two UFOs. Maybe they knew then that one day I would own what the "Earth" would deem completely useless, but on their planet would be priceless? But that, my friends, is another blog entry altogether.


Kathie said...

That is really funny! I guess I should read those things better - I always assumed that it would be the normal stuff and not aliens - you have to wonder how it got put into the policy to begin with?

Blarney Girl said...

I don't normally read them, but for some reason I glanced at this one and just busted out laughing. I just have this pic in my head of a flying saucer crashed landed half in and half out of my unit and a couple of half dazed little green men staggering around outside of it.