Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bursting My (gas) Bubble

I went in to work for a few hours Saturday morning and on my way I was checking gas prices. I knew I needed to fill up that day, but could wait to see what prices looked like on the way there and back before making a decision on where to fill up.

At the time, all the stations on Fry were around $2.79, but as I drove past the Volero at Eldridge and I10 they had it advertised for $2.69. I hadn't seen it cheaper than that anywhere, so I deteremined to look no further and make my purchase there. I pumped the gas and was pleasantly surprised that it cost less than $40 to fill up. I felt great! I had found the bargain and saved a little money. WOOHOO!

After working until 2, my co-worker and I decided to go to lunch at Chili's on Hwy 6.

Confound it if the VERY first gas station I drove past didn't have gas for $2.49!!!!!

Not 5c cheaper, not 10c cheaper.

A full 20c cheaper!!! I could have saved another $3!!



Heather said...

Oh darn it, I could have told you that Hwy 6 is always cheaper than barker, fry and mason. :( Sorry!

Lissa said...

Haha! Isn't that always the way it works? I hate that. Must be some vast conspiracy.