Monday, November 10, 2008

Casual Monday

My Sunday evening routine isn't what the majority of the LDS community would consider appropriate Sabbath day activity. More often than not, I wash about two loads of cloths - whites and darks. I, personally, don't consider laundry a chore. In my no child or husband world, laundry is a non-chore. It's almost as if I'm really not doing anything. The washer and dryer do all the work, I just show up after 30 minutes or so to throw the first load into the dryer and start a new one.

Anyway, yesterday around 6pm (prime laundry time) I got a call from my friend Jenna and we spoke for 2 1/2 hours. I was so excited that she called and getting to talk to her for so long was HEAVEN!!

Well, needless to say, when we finally did hang up at 8:30pm my brain was not thinking about laundry and whether or not I had any "work" cloths for Monday. All I thought about was doing a quick blog post and then winding down for the night.


Yeah, I'm at work in jeans and the blouse I wore to church yesterday!


Lori said...

Jeans are more comfy anyway!! I too see the laundry as a non-issue. Just a quick transfer from the washer to the dryer. Sundays are a great day to do towels...easy folding and it all goes to the same linen closet!

Heather said...

Hey, I'm all for working in my jeans. Honestly, most people look better in jeans than what they usually wear to work - imo. ;)

Oh and we did laundry last night too. I have no idea if clothes are in the washer. I let Bobby handle it.

Jennifer said...


Landlocked Shores said...

I literally just said aloud "Oh Dallas how I miss you" and had a tear in my eye! We are so on the same wave length. :) Hope you enjoyed your casual Monday!