Monday, January 5, 2009

What Would They Think?

Ever wondered how the person being written about in a biography feels about it?
How would I feel about someone riffling through every personal detail of my life and then publishing it for all the world to read?
My letters, emails, text messages, financials, homes, friends, religion; all used to convey the type of person I was.
What compels a person to write a biography?
What compels someone (like me) to read a biography?
If the person written about could look down from heaven, how would they feel about me reading their personal information, private letters?
Do some of them wish they could have chosen their biographer instead of being relegated to the pages of history by an inept researcher?
Yes, I'm reading a biography right now and I'm loving it.
Georgiana: Duchess of Devonshire
Biographies aren't my favorite, but I've read several before and each time I feel as though I'm snooping and should hide the book as if it were a copy of National Enquirer.
It feels intrusive to know so much about someone I've never met.
With a tinge of guilt I'll confess to being enthralled by this woman who was born 216 years before me.
But with all of that said, I'm going to press the Publish Post button and get back to reading!

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Lissa Ann said...

WOW! I have never thought about it that way! Hmm, I guess if we were long since dead I dont think we would care... I mean during "judgement" its all gonna be "out there" right? I hope The Savior leaves out the part about my inablity make my bed :P