Thursday, May 22, 2008

Close your eyes and don’t pull the string!

The past few days I’ve been home sick. Two weeks ago it was a cold that turned into bronchitis. The cold was gone in two days, but the bronchitis decided to stick around. I finally went to the Dr. at lunchtime this past Tuesday and he prescribed a Z-pack and cough syrup with codeine (so I could finally sleep!!). I got home from work Tuesday and started taking my meds and darned if I didn’t start feeling worse!

I woke up Wednesday morning feeling the need to pray to the porcelain god and confound it if while I was bent over, it didn’t splash back up into my right eye! How stinkin’ disgusting is that?!?! I can laugh now, but at the time…UGH!

I know this is all stuff you wanted to hear about! :)

Later that day I was taking care of other bathroom related things and noticed a loose string on my garments. My codeine laced brain said, pull it! and so I did. That evening I’m again taking care of bathroom business and darned if the entire seem up the back of my garment bottom hasn’t come unraveled!!

Aren’t you glad you read to the very end??? LOL

Memo to me: Always close eyes when praying!


Heather said...

Oh man Dallas, I'm so sorry you were so sick. I remember at church they said you had a sore throat, good thing you took it easy. Wish it had helped more. I hate cough syrup and z-packs, they always make me feel worse. :(

Jeanette said...

At least it was YOUR puke that splashed back at you. I hate being sick and I hate ripped garments! By the end of my pregnancy, all of my garment bottoms had rips and I REFUSED to buy more pregnancy ones so I just sewed them back up and even my repairs were in shambles.