Sunday, May 4, 2008

More fun than Pilates

I went over to Naomi’s house Friday to work on a project with her. She’s the creative genius, I’m the one that just happens to come up with a good idea every once in a while!! :-) Anyway, we had been working diligently for a while, when we finally came to a point that nothing more could be done that night, but we were both really jazzed up from the project that neither of us was ready to call it a night. I asked her if she had ever heard of the website I Can Has Cheezburger? It was all downhill from there!! The next two hours were nothing but us going over page after page of this website and laughing so hard we were crying. This was bent-over-laughing-until-you-can’t-breath-anymore laughing. Naomi looked over at me at one point and said, “Guess I won’t need to do Pilates tonight!” Part of what made it so funny may have been the late hour; we started at 11pm.

I thought about attaching some of the photos they have posted on this site, but I think it best if you go there yourself and take a look. The whole website is dedicated to pictures of animals (mostly cats) that were caught on film doing random things. Someone uploads the pic and then puts a phrase on it that they think explains what the animal is doing or thinking. To add to it, part of what you’re suppose to do is spell the phrase in “engrish” (sadly, not all of them are). It’s hard to explain what Engrish is; lots of misspelled words and swapping “L” for “R,” but in such a way that you can still understand what’s being said. Does that make any sense??? Probably not; go check out the website if you dare!! :D You’ll find out just how weird my sense of humor is!!

Also check out if you want some more of my weird humor. It takes you into the world of Engrish. Countries such as Japan, China, and Korea have lots of signs, menus, instructions, etc. printed in their native language, but then have a so called English translation below it for us Americans to read. Who ever does the translating basically does it word for word from the original to English and most of the time it doesn’t come out at all like it should!! Take a look!!


Heather said...

My stomach aches I was laughing so hard!! Some of those are the most hilarious things ever and they are very addictive!

Naomi said...

Still Laughing....