Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mount Rushmore

Or as I like to call it, Rount Mushmore. I've said it twice now, so Rount Mushmore it is. I was dead tired yesterday when we went, and my brain doesn't function that well on a full nights sleep!

This pic was taken just around the corner from Mount Rushmore. There's a break in the trees as you come around and right there in front of you is George Washington's profile! It was too stinking cool!!!

They have an evening show where the Ranger gives a twenty minute speech on why these four presidents were chosen and what they stand for in American History.

George Washington - Birth: Revolutionary War General

Thomas Jefferson - Expansion: Louisiana Purchase

Abraham Lincoln - Preservation: Saved the Union during the Civil War

Teddy Roosevelt - Development: Conservation of natural wonders

They then show a 20 minute video done by the Discovery Channel about Mount Rushmore and once it's good and dark, they begin the lighting ceremony. It's really pretty cool. I got it on video, but it's pretty grainy. In real life it was awesome. It's so dark outside, but then slowly the monument lights up.

It was really cool! I highly recommend making the trip here just to see it!

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Jennifer said...

Holy smokes, that looks rad! I MUST see your video when you return, grainy or not.