Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Translation: You're Too Fat

I was daydreaming at work today (knock on wood, it's been a little slow) and was remembering our trip through The Badlands last week.

We were only a couple miles in and there was a place you could stop and hike, so we decided to hop out and see what we could see. Kathie and I were walking toward the trailhead when this woman and her kids stopped to talk to us.

She was about 5'3" and maybe 120lbs soaking wet. I honestly don't remember all of the conversation (it was pretty short), but basically the last thing she says to us is, It'll be rough for you two. She didn't say, it's a rough hike; no, she said "you two" would have a rough time with it.

I don't remember if I said anything to Kathie right then, but I remember thinking it was pretty funny that Miss Skinny Chick was concerned enough about us Fat Chicks to let us know we would have trouble with the hike.

I know we had a pretty good laugh about it once Kathie had made the hike (I stayed below to take pics) and we were back in the car.

If you click on the picture, you can see Kathie on her way up (center right).

To you skinny folks out there: Thank you for your concern, but keep it to yourself!!

I would never go up to a skinny person at the pool and tell them to avoid the deep end cuz they're going to have a hard time floating!!



Jennifer said...

Hehehe! This makes me giggle. The audacity...

asiaelizabeth said...

By the way your hilarious and I love you! Sometimes I just want to say so I'm fat whats your excuse for being so incredibly rude?

Jason and Lissa said...

You'll have to give me a copy of your itinerary. I didn't know there was so much to see in that part of the U.S.!

Have you seen the new BBC version of Cranford? I was interested in your opinion of it if you had.

Lissa said...

I liked Cranford, too. I was trying to figure out where the other storylines came from, though. In the credits it says the movies is based on 3 of her stories. One of them is obviously Cranford, and a second is what I assume is her story called "Confessions of Dr. Harrison" or something like that, but I have yet to figure out the third.

I have two favorite genres of books: Sci-fi/fantasty and 19th century British lit. (I know, polar opposite genres! I also like early and Medieval English lit, from Beowulf to Chaucer and Malory, but not so much Renaissance English lit like Pope or Milton.) So anyway, I like anything from Austen to Bronte to Eliot to Wilde. So yes, if you have any suggestions for movies from that time period, let me know!