Monday, August 4, 2008

What Not To Wear

My weekday morning routine includes making a cup of ice water to drink on my way to work. Some folks need their coffee; I need my ice water. It doesn't matter how cold it might be outside.

So, I'm leaving the house this morning with my purse, snack for later, cup of ice water and my keys; same juggling act every morning.

With a bit of a twist this morning. This morning I decided to drop my cup of ice water into my lap as I was getting in the car.

I drink the ice water to wake me up in the mornings, but hadn't tried this method before!!

Note to anyone reading: Spilling the ice water in my lap did help in waking me up. Not too surprisingly, it's more effective than drinking it. But, unless you want to walk into work looking as though you just peed your pants, I suggest the drinking method.

In record time I'm out of the car and back in the house, flinging my soggy pants into the dryer. Heaven forbid I washed cloths this weekend and had something else to just put on instead.

Anyway, 15 minutes later my pants are dry and I've made another cup of ice water (I should have just left well enough alone!).

I arrived at work just fine, but decided to go out for lunch. Thanks to a semi truck and his inability to figure out which lane he wanted to drive in, what was left in my cup was flung all over the radio/ac area and into the drivers side floor board.

Thankfully, I escaped without getting completely doused again, but the same can't be said for my radio and ac. Fingers crossed it won't short anything out!

I'm hoping for a better Tuesday, but I'm afraid I'll be wet before getting in the car thanks to TS Edouard.


Anonymous said...

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Jeanette said...

That is a shame. I love ICE. My body would probably freak if I added water, but I love to chew ice (my teeth are now paying for it).

Hey, Thanks for the update. 'Kenz has you on her google reader and she read your post about the upcoming storm. Seeing that our tv is always on Disney or Nick., we would have been some of the last to know otherwise!

Have a better Tuesday.

Kathie said...

You are really funny - what are you going to do to wake up in SD next week? It is only 5 days and we will be on a plane to SD! Wahoooo!

sturpin said...

We need to get you a cup with a lid!