Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pride & Prejudice at Comic Con?


PRIDE & PREJUDICE #1 (of 5) (FEB092473)
Penciled by HUGO PETRUS

In March Marvel Comics will be offering Pride & Prejudice in comic book form. There will be 5 books published and I for one will be buying copies of them all if only for the originality factor. You can tell a man is the illustrator; all the sisters are gorgeous, including Mary!

According to the site, the adaptation is faithful to the book.

“I've tried to keep the flavor and sly humor of the story, and modernized the language only for better understanding," explains Butler. "Wherever space allowed, I've used Jane Austen's own words. This is your grandmother's PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and your mother's and your own."

David Gabriel, Marvel Senior Vice President of Sales, adds, "…, we're presenting these classic stories by staying as close to the originals as possible while still putting that unique Marvel spin on them. I think Jane Austen fans will be thrilled when they sample Nancy's work."

Don’t you love the cover? “Bingleys Bring Bling to Britain” HA! I’m excited to get my copies.

Where to order your copies.


Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. Where are you ordering your copies from?

sturpin said...

That is too funny! I need to get a copy! I bought Sammi a 1 Nephi comic a few years ago.
Nothing is scared :)

Heather said...

I think that looks great! I'll have to look for a copy.

The Livingston Place said...

how cool is that! Whenever I'm not reading something else, I fill whatever miraculous time I'm not busy with reading PandP

I love YOU!!!