Sunday, February 1, 2009

Twice in Two Weeks

Two weeks ago I was at a stop light on Memorial and Beltway 8 when the white Jaguar behind me rear ended me.  We were both stopped, but he said his foot slipped off the brake and BAM, he hit me.  It was a pretty solid thud, but didn’t do any damage.  Good ol’ German engineering!!

Well, on the way home from church today I got rear ended AGAIN!  It happened at the blinking light at Katy Fort Bend Rd.  The car in front of me went and I rolled up to the light and came to a stop.  No sooner did I stop then BAM!, I got hit.  AGAIN!  There was damage this time, but nothing huge.  There’s a pretty deep 8” horizontal gouge where I think his license plate frame must have hit.  There wasn’t any damage to his car.

I got his insurance info but we also spoke of him “knowing someone” and paying to get it done without going the insurance route.  Since I already had his insurance info I told him I’d be OK with getting it done that way.  Nothing is getting done until I meet this person and visit their shop, though. 

I think I need a nap.  When something like this happens my adrenaline gets pumping and when I finally come down from it I crash pretty hard.

I’m now waiting for the third person to rear end me.  Everything comes in three’s, yes?  Third hit, third week!  Maybe I should hold off until next week to get it fixed!!  LOL


Jeanette said...

After that adrenaline rush, were you able to take a nap? What a bad day. It can only go up from there right?!

Heather said...

I know what you mean about the adrenaline rush. I get that when something 'almost' happens, so it must have been pretty bad today. I'd feel like, dude really? Why can you not see my brake lights!?!? Glad you're ok though.