Thursday, February 19, 2009

The $400 Plastic Cup or Why Am I So Freakin' Stupid?

I'm convinced I have some sort of stupid driver homing beacon on my car. For two mornings in a row now I've had someone change lanes in front of me and I've had to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting them. Both times my morning cup of ice water has gone flying.

In my effort to keep my New Year's resolution, I refrained from thinking or speaking an appropriate curse word or flashing the single finger salute. What I did do was lay on the horn! In fairness to me, I think I stayed pretty calm during yesterdays incident. Well, except for when he drove up next to me, rolled down his window and proceeded to yell at me. YELL...AT ME! Like I was the one who cut him off and spilled his morning cup of whatever. I rolled my window down, yelled that it was his fault and told him to shut up! :)

Well, this morning, in the process of slamming on my breaks, I grabbed my cup as it was tipping over. I wasn't able to keep the contents from emptying all over my radio/ac and floor boards and I wasn't very good at not getting mad. I decided to show my anger by throwing the cup into the dashboard.

Yeah, that was smart. I busted my windshield! I now have a lovely dinner plate sized star burst shaped crack in the middle of my windshield.


Why am I so freakin' stupid? As if I didn't have a million other things to spend $400 on.


Lissa said...

I hate Houston traffic. I think it's funny that you two yelled back and forth. I'm sorry about your windshield, though, and spilling water all over. Maybe you should get a bottle of water (with a lid) instead of a cup...just for the commute. :-P

Jennifer said...

That sucks.

Jennifer said...

Pardon my French. I hope it doesn't offend your New Year's Resolution.

sturpin said...

I'm sorry, but that is so funny - could be my twisted hospital mind. Much more details than on Facebook. I have more understanding.

I am sorry, though. I agree with Lissa. Go with the bottled water

Blarney Girl said...

Jennifer - I kinda wish "that sucks" did offend my sensibilities. Sadly, it takes much more than that.

Shelley - I haven't made it to the funny stage yet, but oddly enough I was never actually mad about it. I've just been kinda calm and "oh well" about it. Very strange considering how I usually react.

Lissa - I drink the ice water cuz I love to chew on the ice. There's no fix for this unless I go out and buy a car with better cup holders in it. Late model VW's have the sorriest excuses for cup holders of any car I've ever driven - including cars with no cup holders. I can be greatful I drink water and not sodas. That would be the worst!

Heather said...

Wow, you and Bobby truly are alike. I know it's not funny but it kind of is... Sorry. Mostly I'm sorry about your windshield. I agree with Jennifer, that really does suck. At least you're not beating yourself up over it. It is what it is. Did it make you feel a tad better at the time at least? :D

Oh and btw - Virginia drivers are ten times worse. They cut you off then go 15 miles below the speed limit. ARGH!

Holly said...

Maybe you should have rolled your window down and hurled the cup at the guy who cut you off?? But...that might cost maybe not.
I hate stupid drivers.