Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Am I Speaking English?

I think EVERYONE needs to take a course on how to listen.

Twice today at work I asked a question about processes and procedures on how to do something. BOTH times I got a 15 minute "answer" that didn't answer my question.

Basically I wanted to know what I should do if X happens. Both times the answer I was given was how to not let X happen. DUH!! That's all well and good in hindsight, but what do I do now that it has happened???

Am I speaking in some unknown dialect of English? Did I lapse into some female language that males find hard to understand?


And then to add insult to injury, they chuckled at me when I got frustrated trying to explain exactly what it was I was needing to figure out.

Few things in this world *&$% me off more than to be laughed at because I'm upset or frustrated. Something about it brings out this primal urge to poke the person with a sharp stick!

Thankfully I resisted the urge (no sharp sticks available) and instead grumbled to you about it.


Heather said...

I know just what you mean and it is usually men. Blame it on their small corpus colosum. It prevents them from thinking of two things at once. So, if they don't totally focus on what you're saying they're not going to get it - poor, stupid, men.

Naomi said...

hehehe...poke them with a stick...lol that's funny