Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Passes Away

Elder Wirthlin was a favorite of mine. There was something about his way of speaking that always kept my attention. I loved the stories he told of when he was young and played sports. I understood his analogies and was better able to understand the gospel because of it.

One of my favorite talks is Come What May, and Love It.

Further information:
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Bobby the O! said...

This is sad news indeed. Thanks for the info. I'd not have found out about it for another three weeks if not for your blog. I liked his reference to sports as well. It's something I can get on board with. Thank you Dallas.

Lissa said...

He was one of my favorites, as well. He will be sorely missed!

{McKenzie} said...

So sad.
You asked if there would be more cheesecake, and we have some on the way.

asiaelizabeth said...

Thanks Dallas.I used Come What May and Love it for my lesson on Sunday and everyone loved it.Thanks for the inspiration!