Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Two Latest Projects

I think a lot of you know this about me, but some may not; I love to do cross stitch. Next to reading, it's my most favorite thing to do. If there was a way to read and cross stitch at the same time, I'd be all over that!

Both of the projects below are presents for friends. I love to cross stitch for no reason at all, but it's way more enjoyable when I'm doing it for someone in particular.

The Sampler below is for my friend Kathie. In times past samplers were used as teaching devices. Kathie, to me, is the best example of teaching and learning. I can't wait 'til she gets here for Christmas and we can go pick out a frame.

Kathie hasn't seen it yet, so I guess I'll see if she likes it or not by the comment she leaves! :)

Some of you will remember Nicki Shores who lived in the ward a little while ago. I saw this and HAD to do it for her!! LOL I tried my darndest to get it done for Halloween, but it proved to be a bit more time consuming than the three weeks I allotted.

Nicki - That's Ghetto Kitty riding on the broom!! ROFL


Anonymous said...

Here's your answer: audiobooks!

I remember when you started the top one - I think it was at one of the few Lunch Bunch gatherings in the nursery. Remember? It looks great!

Kathie said...

I love it - it looks great! You did an awesome job! I can't wait to come and see you as well. Thanks for the compliment as well, but you have always been a person that learns and teaches as she experiences life that is a really important quality in people.
Have you heard about Alsaka?

Erica Huff said...

They are beautiful! I love to cross-stitch. It is just finding the time to do it. I would love to see more of what you have done.

Jeanette said...

They look fab! They look so good your making me wish I had more time to craft.