Monday, December 1, 2008

The Moon, Venus and Jupiter

The picture isn't all that great, but you can see the Moon, Venus (L) and Jupiter (R). If you get a chance, go outside tonight and take a look. It's much brighter and easier to see than what can be made out in my pic.

Here's a couple of links to explain the phenomenon better.

Houston Chronical

In Australia, the configuration is flip flopped and it looks like a smiley face. Pretty stinkin' cool!


Jason and Lissa said...

I saw that tonight, and wished I had a telescope! I read you could have seen some of Jupiter's moons pretty well with one.

Jennifer said...

Ooh how pretty!

The Livingston Place said...

SWEET! I din't even know about this! Thanks for the pics. Guess I'll have to take the next best view on 12/31.

Love you!