Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm still upset by the whole thing!

It's been three days now and I still get mad when I think about it. Last week I went to Randall's just down the road from my office and bought expensive deli sliced turkey, some amazing sharp cheddar cheese and a loaf of whole grain wheat bread. I spent more money than I normally would on stuff like that because I knew it would make over a weeks worth of sandwiches for lunch. So on Monday this week I went to the fridge at my normal lunch time to make a sandwich only to find that my food had been thrown away. No strategically placed memo letting us know that any food items left over the weekend would be thrown away. NOTHING!! Just an empty spot where my food used to be. I called the owners of the building but what were they going to do? Refund my money? Yeah, right! All I got from them was a really nice chick on the other end of the line telling me she understood I was mad. Which made me even more mad!! LOL I suggested to the really nice chick that they should setup a schedule and let the occupants of their building know what it is so that appropriate measures could be taken. I'm all for them coming through and throwing out what's left in the fridge. Lots of times I want to do it; so many people leave food containers in there until they practically walk off on their own. I just would like a little heads up so that I can take my perfectly good food home with me.

And now that I've got a good little sweat going, here's something else that really chaps my hide. Drives me crazy when I'm sitting in traffic and people behind me illegally drive through parking lots to bypass the ton of traffic the rest of us are sitting in. Or they decide they don't want to be in the long line of traffic waiting to turn right, so they run up to the front of the traffic line and make an illegal right turn from the left lane. Don't get me started on people who won't use their blinkers but expect me to know they want to merge into my lane. If only they would use thier blinker, would make room between me and the car in front. The only clues I get are the frantic head swivels looking back at me and their car becoming precariosly close to the center line and consequently, ME! BLINKERS PEOPLE!! USE THEM!!

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Heather said...

That's just common courtesy to let you know they are cleaning out the fridge. They always warn us several times at my work! I'm totally mad for you. Don't even get me started on idiot drivers. Hope the vent helped!