Thursday, March 13, 2008

A little Persuasion - - is never enough!!

I grabbed this tag from my friend Heather who's just around The cORRner in blogger land before I realized that Jeanette had tagged me for it on her blog.

Here's the deal. Grab the book closest to you, open to page 123 and find the 5th sentence on the page. Type the following 3 sentences in the book.

"And I am sure," cried Mary, warmly, "it was very little to his credit, if he did. Miss Harville only died last June. Such a heart is very little worth having; is it, Lady Russell?"

It just feels wrong to insert these three little sentences with no other explanation or sentences to accompany them. It's almost like they're naked and I want to cloth them with the complete conversation so that you do not judge them too harshly. I'm fighting the urge to include the entire conversation so that my 3 little sentences don't feel lonely and exposed.

As though words on a page give a flip as to what is done to them. It's me who wants you to like the book and not judge if you will read it based on the heroine's thoughtless sister saying something stupid! Mary is not the main character, Anne Elliot is and Anne is wonderful!

Persuasion - My favorite book!!


Jen said...

Ah, I love love love Jane Austen. She was amazing. I'm sure she still is too. She's up there, Joseph's trying to explain the plan of happiness and she is trying to tell him why mr. darcey was such a complex character. :)

Blarney Girl said...

She's one of those people that I would love to talk to when were all in the hereafter.

Heather said...

I still need to read this one and you convinced me!