Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Huge ego boost!!

Today I decided to run home and grab some leftovers for lunch. As I was walking to the parking garage, there were two men in front of me in deep conversation. The three of us got to the elevator at the same time, but had to wait for it. When it arrived, they stopped their conversation, moved out of the way and with a smile, motioned for me to enter the elevator first. I smiled and said, thank you. On the way up I was getting my keys out of my purse and managed to drop several items. As I was about to bend over one of the men stopped me and proceeded to pick up the items I had dropped. I can't remember the last time someone showed me such courtesy.

I want to amend my answer to #32 below to read, today. I'm so used to feeling like I'm invisible to most men in this world that when something like this happens, I get all choked up about it. It's nice to get a little ego boost now and again. Those men will never know how much their little acts of kindness made my day and helped me feel like I'm not completely invisible.


Kathie said...

Well, every man should treat you that way because you are beautiful inside and out. Love ya!

Heather said...

With your sparkling spirit I can't imagine you every seeming invisible to anyone. You glow and they saw it. I love when men are just old-fashioned chivalrous and it's my goal to raise my boys that way.