Saturday, April 19, 2008

WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY - with an unexpected invite to dinner

Birthday celebrations started the night before. Robb and Stacey celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on the 16th and I volunteered to watch the kids while they went out to dinner. The kids sang to me while I blew out the candles on my pan of birthday brownies! I couldn't have asked for a better start to my birthday!!!

My friend Gwen took me to dinner and a movie. We went to see Under The Same Moon (La Misma Luna) and I loved it. I totally recommend it, but beware it's in Spanish with English subtitles. I would love to tell you about it, but I really suck at trying to explain stories from movies or books. That's why I linked to it so can go check it out for yourself. Gwen is the best!!

During the movie, Stacey dropped off a cute little bag with the most perfect goodies in it. Several vanilla scented items. I LOVE VANILLA! It is my absolute favorite scent!! I can't decide if I somehow inadvertently mentioned that I love vanilla or that she's just seriously psychic. I'm leaning towards psychic since I can't recall ever having a "what's your favorite scent" conversation with her.

Also while I was in the movie, my brother Houston called to wish me happy birthday. I have to tell you that had I been the one driving, I probably would have driven off the road when I heard the message. It's been around two years since I've seen or spoken to him. Not because of anything bad that happened between us, just that we live such different lives. He has a lot of self inflicted problems that have estranged him from the family. He and my brother Beaumont don't get along at all! Anyway, he called to ask if I would like to go to dinner with him. Honestly? I didn't want to. These self inflicted problems have shaped him into a person that I don't like to be around and the thought of having to interact with him for an extended period of time was making me feel sick to my stomach. I said yes because even though I don't like him, he's my brother and I love him very much. I'm glad I did. We had an enjoyable dinner. He even had a present for me!! (I'm not convinced I wasn't in some sort of Twilight Zone episode)

It was a truly wonderful birthday!!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to refer you back to your "Stuff That Makes Me Happy" post from a month or so ago. I did what little I could to check some off the list.

"Watching A&E adaptations": CHECK (although the Mr. Darcy/Too Sexy video was a stretch, I'm counting it!)

"Love to play with kids": CHECK (even though you technically volunteered, I'm still taking credit!).

"Cross stitch": CHECK (ok, so I'm fudging on that, too)

"Helping a friend": CHECK (thank you!)

"Hugs": CHECK

"Name mentioned in friends' blogs": CHECK

"The smell of vanilla": CHECK

See...I pay attention! ;)

Kathie said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday! It sounds like it was perfect - spending time with people you love what can get better than that?

Lissa Ann said...

Happy B-day Dallas! I am gald you are doing well!