Monday, April 14, 2008

Now for some vanity laced levity

At work over the weekend, about 60 people and their computers were moved into my building and this morning I had to go around and "fix" whatever the movers screwed up or flat out broke. Thankfully, the moving company that was hired did a fairly good job. I only had to do a few minor monitor configuration changes and move a computer into a more convenient location for a customer, but it was this computer move that prompted my funny little post.

I am not a vain person. I know that to my mother, I am beautiful, but to the rest of the world, ...? Jane Austen would use the term, undistinguished features! :-) But, I have one vanity. I love to grow my nails long and keep them shaped. I broke two of them while moving that blasted computer!!! LOL Earlier in the morning I was thinking just how nice they looked!! POOF! Back to having stubby little fingernails! ROFL Guess I gotta stay (h)umble somehow! HEHEHE

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Jeanette said...

On a different subject, my dad once told me that I could be humble or humbled. I find that being humble is easier in some things and being humbled is just plain aggrivating! I totally feel your pain.

Hilton seemed to like nursery. No tears-yeah!