Monday, April 28, 2008

Mental Health Day

When I FINALLY heard my alarm this morning, it was already 6:40am. By that time of the morning I'm usually putting on the finishing touches and on my way to the kitchen to make my daily cup of ice water for the commute to work; I love to chew on ice. Infer what you will here, I'm sure you're correct!!! :-)

My alarm is set for 5:45am and I usually roll out of bed a few minutes after 6. I'm not sure if I unconsciously kept hitting the snooze button until I finally woke up, or if I actually slept through almost an hours worth of incessant beeping. Both are quite possible. I've been seriously stressed lately and stress, as the name implies, stresses me out, body and soul. When under a lot of stress, my body gets to the point that all it wants is to rest and what my body wants, my body gets. I have no say in it whatsoever!

Work has been seriously stressful for the past two weeks and I believe this morning my body decided that it had had enough and went into shutdown and repair mode. After grabbing my blackberry and firing off a quick email to my boss and coworker, I rolled back over and slept undisturbed until 9:30. I think my three hours of bliss was due in large part to my cat. I laid my BB down on the bed beside me thinking I would answer any emails as they came in. Reilly, my cat, decided it was something she wanted to lay on; successfully muffling any beeping noises my BB makes! I did feel a little guilty, but I squelched it by getting a pedicure and having them paint cute little flowers on my big toes.

The rest of the day has been spent doing almost nothing! I did stop by a friend's home to drop something off and visit for a few minutes, but other than that - NOTHING! Zero, Zilch, Nada!!

Happy Mental Health Day, too me!!


sturpin said...

You're a slacker with cute toes!
Sounds like you needed it.

we love reading your blog!!! you always give us a good laugh.

Shelly & Jason

Jeanette said...

I want a mental health day! I need a mental health day. Where do I sign up?

Naomi said...

I thought after Saturday, Your mental health would have been completely in tact...Oh wait a minute, does this mean that after one day in my life you need a mental health day...that explains a ton about me ;)