Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Conference

Today's sessions were awesome! As this weekend has progressed so has my testimony. I agree with President Monson when he said the spirit was strong and all who attended would never forget it. It felt historic to me. Long after I forget what each speaker spoke of, I will carry with me the warm and peaceful feelings of the spirit I felt today.

Each time a speaker would talk about President Monson and relate stories of his service, I would again and again feel a wonderful spirit come over me. President Monson is the prophet for this time and I am thankful to my Heavenly Father for this knowledge and for the increase in my testimony. I am so thankful to be a member of God's kingdom on this earth and to be led by Prophets and Apostles who hold the keys of the Priesthood (Amos 3:7).

We had the Adame and Nerdin family over to watch with us. I really enjoy having friends and loved ones around for conference. Arlene, Amber and myself put together what I think was a wonderful lunch last night. Amber made her famous cookies, Arlene put together a huge lasagna and I prepped the garlic bread. All we had to do was pop the lasagna into the oven at the halfway point, the bread just after the end of the morning session and voila, lunch was served. Thank you to the Adame's and Nerdin's for making it a wonderful Sabbath.


Anonymous said...

I love to see how different "themes" arise out of all the conference talks. I think I heard the phrase "the One" so many times in the past two days! As in...though we are many, we cannot forget the *individuals* that make up this church. And of course all the stories about President Monson and his ability to serve in such a worldwide capacity while never forget to minister to "the One".

Today was fun, it was so important to us to get out of the house! We had been watching conference on the laptop, but there's something about actually gathering in fellowship that adds to the Spirit. And the food was great!

Thanks again!

Lissa Ann said...

Hey Dallas! Remember me?? I saw your name on Kathie Ball's list and thought I would stop by and say hi!
Hugs to you!
Malissa Mayer Mobley

Lissa Ann said...

OH that is my favorite JA book too! WELL they are ALL my favorites actually! It is a close tie between P&P and Persuasion.